Oil change in the kitchen

Before we start cooking, it’s very important to know a little about what to use to cook/fry/saute food with.

Margarine: Lab created. It looks like grey sludge before they bleach it and then add yellow color. Some are made from cottonseed oil which is not for human consumption due to their toxic substance. Others are named ‘Canola’ which is actually ‘rapeseed’. Look it up. They created that one for cars.

All oils, even expensive olive oils, should never see the ‘light of day’. You can use it sparingly when cold but never heat it. It will release radicals which will stay in your body.

The ONLY fat that is healthful and goes right through, is, Coconut oil. Still a fat but a much better one for you.

Butter has gotten a bad rap for a long time and it’s still not the most ideal but of course, much better than above margarine which uses expensive ads. (Especially one with ‘Fabio’ long haired, aging Italian who’s swinging from Garlands  and running up steps in Venice, to sell this stuff.

You can substitute dry sherry, orange juice, apple juice, mineral water to fry and saute. This will brown your meat  and or vegetables without fat.

Flaxseed oil is one of the other healthy oils. It comes in dark bottle and has to be refrigerated. It’s never just sitting for month on a shelf.

Just making a small change can mean so much.

Can we talk?…

You will excuse my hurried post this morning. I’ve been up since 4:00 A.M. although surpised, somewhat, that I could sleep at all after the ‘not-so-new-news’.  I am thankful to the powers that be, to give me peace of mind after the initial shaking and quaking. The running hither and fro with terror and flight of life feelings. After I’d told a friend, she suggested that, perhaps I had to ‘own’ the cancer to start to get better. I said, I ‘owned’  it last time and this time I’d just want to rent.

I thought, I may as well start my increased attention to the matter on hand. Coffee enema. I lost precious time while trying not to upset my ‘tender sensibilities.’ Yesterday came the push I needed. So. I boiled my (organic) coffee (with distilled) water the prescribed method and time. After it cooled I put it in the bag. Well, I’ll spare you the details. Let me just say, that the hosing is a piece of crap (no pun intended) and as I was laying there, being quietly pleased how well this was going, the coffee (four cups ) ran without interruption all over the bath room. Looked like a battlefield. Me included. After cleaning it up the first time, trooper that I am, I did it again with nearly the same results. Ninety minutes later, I am exhausted and it’s not even 7:00 A.M.  Definitely need a new contraption. I am now preparing laundry!

This I must do for the next four weeks. I am committed and serious in doing all I can to avoid chemo/radiation. Inspite of a messy start, this is so much easier than having to do chemo which, by the way has the same bathroom results when you’re sick and everything within you wants to come out. God, that was sooo bad!!

Then, I had to hurry to get my first juicing in as I have to follow the schedule, every hour on the hour. Who would come and help? Need someone for shopping or prepping food. I promise I’ll do the  enema’s myself.

Got to run.


I need to order my thoughts before I try to put the kaleidoskope of thoughts down, following the phone call from Doc.

The explanation of the test would be long and in medical language. The slide that was done (and they’d stake their reputation on it) is, that it is cancer and as there is still that last tumor, near my spine, we need to proceed with a therapy and or treatment. Of course, the first thought was denial in some form. Maybe 50%. I don’t want it to be there, or, with all that I’m doing the tumor has regressed.

I forgot to ask about a ‘name’ and I forgot to ask if there’s a ‘stage’. (Maybe I don’t want to know until way down the road.)

The word ‘radiation’ surgery/chemo, nearly took my breath and I’ve begged off for a time, yet. I told my Doctor, I really want to do the camino first. He agrees that this would be a grand thing to do. I am doing so well that it is very difficult to perceive there’s anything traitorous going on in my body. This is the push that I needed to go ahead with Gerson’s therapy. Now, that the juicer is working and I have little else occupying my mind other than taking care of myself. Having my coffee in a different way.

There are still more tests on August 2nd and waiting for those answers. If camino and my faith in a higher power do not work, the next step would be plan ‘B’ and Cyberknife’. But before that, I want to have a scan to make very sure that there is actually something there. My thoughts right now are really like wild birds flying in every direction.

This, I know for sure. I am going on the Camino de Santiago and nothing will deterr me.

Vegan dessert


If you think that Vegan Food is boring or restrictive, there’s another reality. It’s much more colorful and with a few tricks and a bit know-how can be excellent, even ‘gourmet’.

I got this recipe of a T.V cooking show and recreated it the same week when I had company. (Got huge raves.)

1 lb Vegan chocolate

1 can of coconut milk

muffin liners

powdered sugar

Divide chocolate. Melt over hot water.  Then, brush muffin liners (3/4 up to top) place in fridge or freezer. ( I do this step a day ahead.) A couple of hours before dinner and /or guests, melt second half of chocolate, poir into mixing bowl. Open can of coconut milk and just use the ‘fat part’ which has accumulated on the top do NOT use the liquid.(Save for another use.) Add 3 Tbsp of powdered sugar and whip choc. coconut mix.

Get chocolate muffin liners, let it stand at room temparatur for a few minutes and then carefully peel off the paper. Add a couple of spoons of choc mousse, then place all back into fridge.

You can make a raspberry ‘coulis’ (sauce) with this and it looks great. Press raspberry through a fine mesh sieve, add a couple of Tbsp powdered sugar. (2 Tbsp of ‘Kirsch’ if desired and I’ll tell you you will desire this.) ‘Paint’ sauce onto plate, set choc mousse cup next to it. Voila. Great dessert.


Cashew Butter

Although not fat-free this tasty spread is amazingly good. You can reduce your cow butter-fat quite a bit. For 1/4 cup serving size it only has 11 g of fat.

2 cups raw cashews

1 cup filtered water

1/3 red pepper, ribs and seeds removed

2 and 1/2 Tbsp green onion -diced

2 Tbsp fresh cilantro- minced

1 tsp garlc minced

1/4 tsp salt

pinch crushed red pepper flakes

Place cashews in a small bowl and add enough water to barely cover. Let stand for a few hours. Then place in a blender (or use immerser) and blend until very smooth. Assemble rest of ingredients and add to ‘butter’. Serve immediately or place in a glass container with a tight fitting lid. Place in fridge and use between 3-4 days. This can also be used a a dip base for your party or summer grill.


Calling to find out…

Against my earlier self-advice I did call Doc’s office yesterday and left a message with my question about test result. Of course, then I waited and jumped every time the phone rang. My reason was/is, that when I do know I need to have time to research my options and can’t wait until the last minute.

Finally, in the late afternoon I get a call from the nurse only to tell me that Dr. is out of the office as well as today and if he has not called by Thursday, to call back. Geez!! It’s been over two weeks. This whole thing is like a crap shoot.

I had a hard time, yesterday not eating ‘Kielbasa’. When I was at the grocery store, suddenly I absolutely craved a piece and imagined biting in to it with the fat running down my chin. Luckily, this only lasted a second or two and I was once again, sane. (Could be I’m missing some protein??) I don’t have to plan what to eat (or  avoid) as I’m invited to a Veggie lunch. Just had a tall glass of wonderful carrot/apple juice, all the while imagining my cells jumping in this bright red, healthful ‘bath’, splashing and having a grand time. Sure makes one feel better right away. … and then, they rest on a tiny lounge chair wearing tiny sun glasses. haha (I swear there are no drugs involved.)

Bavarian Slims- perfect for Camino

After reading the book “To the Field of Stars’ and describtions of food in Spain while on the Camino, I am convinced that this cookie would be a perfect snack. Lightweight, chock-full of wonderful ingredients and perfectly filling with a drink. Now, how do I pack 5 lbs of them into my back pack?? I’d have to give up my second pair of shoes? Or, my rain poncho?

Chilled Soup on Hot Day

After yesterday’s hike and heat, it would’ve been great to come home to a cold soup. This one is very simple, very healthful and very good. With only 170 cals and 1 g fat, it’s ideal too.

Chillded  Melon Soup:

(makes 2 cups) adjust to more servings)

1 lg honey dew or cantaloupe melon, rind removed

1 cup coconut water

2 Tbs freshly squeezed lime juice

pinch chili powder–and cayenne–and cinnamon

Dash agave nectar (optional)

Blueberries (optional)

fresh mint leaves

Cut melon in half and remove seeds

Place melon in blender and add coconut water, lime juice and seasonings. Blend on low speed until well mixed.

You can use different fruits for different soups.



Phone calls are becoming more frequent with family and friends wanting to know the test results from the VATS. (Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery). The first result was incorrect and my Doctor ordered a new test from the Mayo Clinic. We know it is cancer. We just don’t know what ‘type’. What to call it. Give it a name. Well, I don’t want to name it. That would mean it’s going to hang around like a pet.

Meanwhile I also received my new ‘Champion Juicer’. Have to figure out how to work it. Bought 25 lbs of carrots. (Nearly the weight of my back pack!) That’s a lot of juice and I’m supposed to drink 8 oz every hour. (I wonder how quickly I’ll get tired of the taste? )Means, I can’t leave home. By the time I start and clean it up, here I go again. I think, I need to move someone in to help me with all this stuff. Then, the assortment of Vitamins and preparation of fresh, organic food. Of course, keeping a good attitude all the while, as well.

I’m having Lentils and potatoes with Bok-Choy today. A salad to start.

Roasted Peacock

In my last post, I mentioned that my father had given me a recipe for roasted peacock.  I thought for sure he was joking.  But here’s the recipe, just in case:

The young peacock should be killed 3 days prior to use. Pluck feathers and hang in an airy place. Remove head and then tie neck and wings together. Wash inside and out. Then rub all over with salt and pepper. Add 1 bay leaf, parsley and basil into cavity. Place bacon slices onto its belly and roast slowly. Or, you can roast him over a rotisserie, then add butter while turning.