Portabello-revisited and new creations

After I’ve received a few calls from friends to post some pictures of the Portabella revisitedportabello lunch, I’ve decided to make this for them. A few changes need mentioned.

I live at high altitude so your cooking time may vary. Also, my friends did not like Provolone and so I chose a local cheese. All natural, called “Portabello-Leek-Jack” which has more flavor. (No. I did not eat that one. Mine is on the right.)

Now, I will be prepping a huge amount of vegetables for my Ratattouille.


Critics weigh in…

Since I am so new to blogging and a novice to any technical ‘stuff”, I would like to address a couple of concerns that I just noticed in the ‘Spam’ section. Thank you all for your comments. Most of them positive.

I was not aware that the ‘whole world’ could read the blog. I don’t know computer-speak very well. I’ve just learned to up load pictures and was tickled for days about this improvement. I have not found the ‘spell check’ nor a Thesaurus so these musings come straight from a ‘senior citizen’ brain’ whose second language is English and totally self taught. So please excuse the grammatical errors and unintentional mis-use of style. Sometimes I am just too much  in a hurry to catch errors. Other times, I did catch them but too late and had hit the ‘button’.

I shall try to correct these short comings. At the present, I am a bit side tracked with cancer treatments and such.

To those of you, who wished me well and have been encouraging, a heartfelt Thank you.

Mother Nature’s Jewels

These are great choices for a summer salad collection.

Either by itself or as a elegant first course. The green one is ‘Lambs lettuce’

or Rapunzel. In the store it’s under Mache’. A little apple cider

vinegar and walnut oil, Then we have red beets,

a dash of cinnamon, raspberry vinegar, and 2 Tbsp walnut oil.

Cucumber and tomato salad, grated daikon. These have only

seasoned rice vinegar and same amount of water.


Must lessen the load

Already I’ve learned to pack less. After reading this great forum on www.caminodesantiago.me which is filled with tips, advice and cheering section when it get’s tough. These ‘pilgrims’ are a wonderful community to know and from all over the world. I am looking very much forward to meeting them.

I will pack my back pack (new) and go for a longer hike this week end, just to see what I won’t need. Seems ‘the way’ is filled with blisters, inflammation, sore tendons and incredible joy of having done it. Been there and experienced the up’s and down’s. Just like life?