Walk With Us!

Walk With Us!

Mom is already on the lookout for the next walk — and she’s set her sights on more Alpine territory. ¬†Want to walk through Switzerland, Austria, Italy, or Germany with us?

6 thoughts on “Walk With Us!

  1. A treadmill may not be the Camino…but I’m walking for mom and my brother since I could not travel with them on this amazing journey!

  2. The unbroken unbending love between a Mama and her children one able to walk this heartbreaking a yet joyful journey with her its been an incrediable walk just to read! I having been on a different side of this story losing my son at 32 last year following 12 years from the Lord the aftermath of a terrible motor vehicle accident. Drs., repeatedly told me ‘no’ ‘you talk like he’s coming home to you after this, he is not he is dying’ Finally the times on my calloused knees paid off and I found my voice (much to the staffs sorrow I’m sure)! My son was able to laugh he understood my jokes from the corny fields, he could say ‘ma ma mama maamaa HE is THE GREAT PHYSICIAN THE GREAT HEALER GO DIRECTLY TO OUR SAVIOR! He waits for us! He died on a cross after the beating of leather straps,the spit endless ridicule from the masses of blind sheep. Without him we aren’t we can’t and we never will. With him such glory we will see with our loved ones. Some of us have been called upon to live in unbearable darkness, with only our mustard seed of faith. God bless you and your loved ones. In your words, I find comfort of Gods love and all the peace and joy it brings to me and mine. God loves you so. Ginny Crowe Mobile AL

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