Venus in Transit

It seems that a lot of time has passed since my last entry. Actually, not really. If I start to recount the past days and describe these painful bouts, I will get very bored with myself. I can’t believe that there’s nothing else to talk about than constant pain. But, it is my life right now. Just trying to work the meds to where I can ‘outsmart’ it, is a full time job.

Yesterday morning I managed a 40 minute walk. (Last year, I managed 8-10 hours). I miss, really miss this good feeling and energy I’ve had. I have very poor appetite!! I feel like I’m slipping and can’t get a good hand-hold.

I spend a lot of time in my back yard. Now, that the Medicine Wheel Garden is finished and so lovely, it gives me such pleasure.

This past week, there was all the attention on Venus’ transit. I had brought free newspaper home and started reading. Good things are going to happen to me, I’d read in my horoscope. Venus is in MY sign. It’s always nice to read something nice. I was really very pleasantly surprised when this ‘love’ promise actually started to become reality.

I had befriended a young lady over FB and would share comments, pictures, with Lori A.H. She had sent me a message asking if she could meet me. After a little scheduling back and forth, she came Thursday. With a potted plant in hand and big, lovely smile.

We got along like ‘a house on fire’. She was so complimentary and credited me with lots of wisdom. The time was too short before she had to leave but, there will be other times, I am sure.

Then, Saturday I received a letter from Amber. She is the daughter of an old acquaintance  who’s life I had saved about 28 years ago, when his two gas tanks caught on fire under his pick up. Lonely, empty stretch of highway, on a Sunday afternoon in January and the Superbowl on, no one else traveling.

Her dad and a few family members and Amber were coming through Montrose and wanted to visit. I put up all six people, fed them and next day they left. That was 2 years ago.

She had just found my address. The letter is filled with Thank-you’s. She states that even though the time was so short, I made a profound difference in her life. In part, she writes: Thank you again. You are a special person who really makes a difference. Please know how truly amazing and inspirational you are. Thank you a million times over!

I was totally and wonderfully surprised. To think, whatever I had said and done in these few hours, made such a difference in this young Woman’s life. (I think she is 29).

So, how very accurate this Venus Transition was in my life as well. I felt warm and appreciated, even 2 years later or maybe, because it was 2 years later and she still remembered. So, I am glad that I was kind and hospitable. I have no clue what in particular I’d said. This letter and Lori’s  and Julie’s visit really made my day(s). It buoyed my stale energy. Another new friend (met her through the blog) invited me to have a pedicure, next week.  It’s raining Love and Kindness. Venus in Transit.

Oh. With all of that, I nearly forgot the awful day I’ve had.  For days I smelled something musty. I kept saying to Julie,’ I smell something wet’. She couldn’t really smell anything so I let it go another day. Then, Thursday morning when she left, I thought to check the cellar. I went downstairs, turned on the light, openend the door And … WATER. Lots of it. All over. Immediately I called ‘my favorite Mike’. He came at once and at least shut off the water. All hot water. Hundreds of Gallons. Water heater valve had broken and so it kept running over. He called the Plumber. Luckily, the warranty was still in place. I was overwhelmed with all these tasks plus hurting like the dickens. I called my friend Bonnie, at work, trying not to cry and asked her to come help me for a bit. Which she did. She handled the Insurance company and just to have someone here, had me much calmer. Is it the meds? Is it my age? I seem to have a harder time dealing with sudden mishaps, or changes.

Meanwhile I had yet another appointment with Dr. Michael. He has performed several colonoscopies and my lung surgery, last year. It’s actually on the same date this July 5th, that I will have a colonoscopy. I am sure, my colon is fine. But, ‘just in case’ as the last one was 6 years ago.

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  1. Thank YOU, Inge. I had so much fun. Let me know when I can bother you again!
    Much love!

    • Oh, dear Lori. Since you didn’t ‘bother’ me, do come again soon. Bring Pappa if you want to show him Ouray.

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