Same green, amazing smoothie

I’ve learned a new word, yesterday and thought it was most

fitting. “Entheogen” is from the Greek and means “Creates God within” (en=within, theo=God, gen=creates or generates).  This smoothie was created with kale, a stalk of celery, baby spinach, Italian parsley, and a green apple. All organic, of course. (I served this in a Bavarian hand carved glass. Because I’m worth it.)

Yesterday, I also spent a couple of hours creating this scrumptious Bolognese sauce. Also, known as a different form of Ratatouille. (Without the rat.) This is a true labor of love but it makes a whole bunch and freezes very well.

This gorgeous Bolognese sauce is made from: peppers of all colors, celery, carrots, onions, garlic, (sauteed in coconut oil and just a little butter) Italian parsley, mushrooms (sauteed in dry sherry) canned-salt free tomatoes, tomato paste, home made vegetable broth, red wine, oregano, a few chili flakes. Simmered about 2 hours.  This can also be served with potatoes and brown rice. Of course, I’m using spaghetti squash.

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