Let’s all go Nuts

I spend a large amount of time researching. On all German speaking websites, too. (Austria, Switzerland). I go to ‘Heidelberg, Munich, Cologne and other Universities. I check their wellness program and cancer approach. Last spring, when I went to Wuerzburg University to have a CT scan and bloodwork, I also visited the famous ‘Immunobiology Therapy’- Hufeland Clinic in ‘Bad Mergentheim’, Germany. It was an amazing experience.

They treat all kinds of Immuno-problems, holistically. Their Motto is:

1. Detox

2. Regenerate

3. Activate Defense.

They had a waiting list as patients come from all over the world. People come  to be treated without chemo or radiation but especially after they’ve already had one or both, to help put them together from all that toxic mess. I would have loved to stay but I just couldn’t afford it. While I waited for my appointment I ate a bowl full of nuts.

What I have learned, is that they all use the same dietary approach. Organic, local if possible and seasonal, low fat, very little sugar.

I have gone nuts over the nut approach. They’re easy to get, easy to eat and have tons of healthy attributes. MOST importantly though, they must be raw, organic, and unsalted. Here are the most important ones:

(Clinic is near this wonderful park.)

ALMONDS: have as much calcium as milk. They contain Vitamin E, selenium, magnesium and lots of fiber. (Most people need that, for sure.)

CASHEWS: are rich in minerals, like copper, magnesium, zinc, iron and biotin. Good news is that they’re low in fat and have a high concentration aleic acid which is great for heart health as well. Research states that one, big handful of cashews provides one, to two thousand milligrams  of tryoptophan, which will work as well as a prescription of Prozac.

BRAZIL nuts are a great source of protein, copper, niacin (more on that important one later) magnesium, fiber, selenium and vitamin E.

PINE nuts have vitamin A,B,D,E and contain 70% of required amino acids. Sprinkle lots on your salad, in your soup.

PECANS  are loaded with vitamin E and A, calcium, aolic acid, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, zinc and a few B-vitamins.

WALNUTS your heart and brain loves them and they contain cancer fighting antioxidants as well.

Now, maybe you’re looking for the PEANUT. Well, it’s missing on purpose from this honorable line up. Peanut, is not a nut but belongs to the bean family. It is very high in Omega 6 fat acid, which suppress the immune ssystem and can increas tumor growth.

Most (if not all) Peanut Farms use pesticides and therefor all is contaminated. They can also contain a carcinogenic mold, called aflatoxin.

Use ORGANIC Nut butters. Almond or Cashew. I’ve recently posted a recipe how to make that one yourself.

So. Mix up a bowl of nuts and seeds and go NUTS.

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