Brats, not Tapas

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activities. First, driving to Grand Junction and visit the ‘girls’. Then, taking Carrie and mom to R.E.I and other outfitting places to get Carrie started. I was excited for her and she was in (happy?) shock. (Carrie, my niece. If not by blood but by mutual consent and love.)

Then  we drove to the airport to pick up my dearest friend, Irene,  now known since childhood days. We met at Kindergarten and lived in the same street, which makes this special bond lasting over sixty plus years! She knows all my history and we can communicate with just one word and go back to ‘Adam and Eve’.

This is her ‘quiet time’ visit. Coming from Las Vegas, there’s not much to compete with in the way of entertainment. But, of course, we have our canyon and mountains and cute, little towns.

Not much time for walking but will pick it back up on Monday. I am so grateful that Julio will accompany us the first few days on the camino. (I am also very grateful that my son has taken out that much time, to travel with me.)

I was going to have a Spanish theme party, with Tapas and Sangria and a little flamenco music. Sort of ‘going away’ party a little early. But then, some friends called and wanted to do a Bavarian ‘Zither’ get together and they chose my place to do it. (Food may have been a deciding factor.) So. My theme would not go with this music. Hence, we’ll have Brats, potato salad, Bowle (spiked strawberry punch) wicked stuff, really. Several salads and apple-plum sheet cakes. Pictures will be posted tomorrow.

(All the while, listening with one ear for the phone to ring and Doctor telling me the numbers of cancer marker. It’s been five days.) Really would like to know.


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