One day, like the next…

Sometimes, I can’t remember what day it is. They all seem to blend in to pretty much the sameness. Make breakfast, then again for Cameron. Clean a little, run errands. Shop for groceries (often). Bring them home, then prep, chop cook or not. Make salads.

Cameron is busy with his work and then calling, researching, answering calls, talking to Medical Professionals.

Meanwhile, I’ve acquired an odd pain which has me puzzled and Doc doesn’t know either. Since I’ve just had so many (and expensive) scans, I’ll not have another. He called in a new prescription which is a little stronger than Ibuprofen.

Last Saturday, we went to a friend’s house to photograph all the items I am selling to help defray cost of this cancer and treatment. We have posted the pictures on Facebook and the Facebook caminonotchemo page.

Still researching prices. Will put some on eBay. Ask!

Photos: 145

Friends have been overwhelmingly generous. With Organic veggie presents and money, discreetly placed in envelopes, which allows me to ‘save face’.

So now, we wait. For the appointment on March 26th, in Grand Junction with Oncologist. Then, hopefully, we hear from Jon Huntsman Clinic, in Salt Lake City, soon.

The great thing about going there, is, that we have friends who have offered their home and we can stay while I am being examined, questioned and hopefully have a good solution.

This is getting really old. Not knowing. Not doing, and now having pain. Trying very hard to be patient, to be up-beat but once in awhile, like in the darkest hour of the night, I was caught in a weeping storm. I have nightmares.


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