Brain freeze

Can I trust my brain to make the right decision? Or, does it beat a path to least resistance? I think I’ve made good decisions over the past few years. I’ve tried to make the proper ethical, moral choices. In emergency situations, I did act and react with good speed and choice of treatment.

It’s amazing what one can learn when we start to educate ourselves and do not allow for pre-chewed ideas and opinions to cloud our minds.

Although I respect the genius of the cancer cell; it’s clever deception to sneak past the vigilant immune system, I do not want to get comfortable with it. Certain sources suggest that one should make peace with various, chronic illnesses. I feel that if I do this, I’ll become complacent. What with all this respect and mutual admiration, feelings of peace and light I am a complice and co-dependent in my own cell problem. Like a snake charmer who concentrates soley on the snake.

I shook myself free of this warm, fuzzy peace with cancer feeling and declared a serious Tumor Hunt. I have a few sneaky tricks up my sleeve as well to circumvent that tough, little outer wall of the C cell and obliterate it.  So there. This includes different measures at the time being. Holistic measures until I have assimilated all information, main stream medicine as well. It also includes very different culinary tastes.

Starting in the morning, upon rising, I take 3 enzyme tablets. For breakfast, 1 cup cottage cheese with 5 Tbsp Flax seed oil (from Johanna Budwig, German bio chemist who states that this will carry vital oxygen to the cells.) Add 1 tsp ground flax seeds and whip it into a frenzy to combine. To hide the oily-cheesy taste, I add frozen blueberries or other berries and this makes it tolerable and looks like a nice smoothie. It is very, very filling and I have to work to get it all down.

Then, I continue with the ‘Hufeland Clinic’ protocol, plus Tumeric, Curcumin, Vitamins: C-E-and B12, followed by the metals: iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, etc. More recently, added visits to Hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

After 1 hour I continue with juicing. Mostly carrot with apple and add ‘Green Pro’. Foul tasting and looking but filled with important chlorophyllic properties. I take fermented wheat germ which looks like dirt and when you add water/juice, it tastes like sweet mud. Yuk. Have to try hard not to get nauseous. But… this is not business as usual. I am working with everything I have to help myself so as not having to be ‘filet’ and filled with Toxins and poision.

Radiation Oncology Sydney Cancer Center studied 5 year survival rates of 22 types of cancer in the U.S.A and Australia. They studied 154,971 Americans with cancer, age 20 and older that were treated with chemo therapy. Only 3,306 lived to the 5 year mark. Study results: The overall contribution and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5 yr survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1 % in the U.S.A.

Cancer is a message. It wants to show you that something is running off the tracks in your life. ‘You go ahead”, said the soul to the body “because it’s not listening to me.’ “Alright’, replied the body, I will become ill, then he will have time for me.’  Although how this translates into children, even babies having cancer, I don’t know.

Another study, in Germany: Group A- 389  patients who underwent conventional therapy . (41.38 %)

Group B-patients who denied conventional therapy, including patients that could not be helped w conventional therapy methods. 312 patients (26.7%)

Group C: patients who did not even appear to consult and who’s fate could not be followed: 312 patients (33.0%

After 8 years, group A -only 102 (26.22% patients were alive with conventional therapy.

Group B- after 8 years, 183 were alive (85.11%) these were treated ONLY with Biological Conflict Therapy.

This is part of a treatment used in Germany. Brain scan is used to identify the spot, which highlights where those signals come from ad being sent and then this exact spot is treated with above mentioned thearpy. They also use a whole battery of holistic ingredients. ( Dr. Andreas Puttich, Darmststadt.)

Prof. Dr. Charles Mathe, leading Oncologist and Specialist for Oncology, in Paris, France stated openly: If I were to have cancer, I would not allow myself to be treated in  conventional cancer centers.  Only those cancer patients will have a chance to survive, if they stay away as far as possible. (Scientific Medicines Nouvelles, Paris.)

NOW, can you appreciate my dilemma??

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