Bye, New York- Hello, Denver

I am a lucky person.

Met my grandson in Denver and we flew to New York together. Dylan grew so tall in the four years I had not seen him, that I did not recognize him and had to call my daughter, who called him, to find him. My daughter with grandson Kaleb came later. What a most generous present from my son, to have all of us together for the Holy days.

We stayed at the home of Cameron’s buddy from Harvard days. They generously moved to couches in the Living room, to make room for 4 more people. And, we did the town. World Trade Center with the perpetual pools. Somber mood and sadness, running fingers over the carved names of so many people.

Madame Tusseau’s wax museum.

Ripley’s Believe it or not. Carriage ride around Central Park. Fifth Avenue with Christmas splendor deco. Ferry ride and Statue of Liberty. A special treat, going to the movie in Greewich Village, ‘The Way’. Cried some just for the recognition of what we had done and places we’d been.

China town, twice and good Vegan food. I’ve just really loved every minute of it and we walked 4-5 hours each time. My 8 year old grandson was just fascinated with everything and chattered, asked, talked. He also walked every bit without complaining.

But, all good things must come to an end and so on my last day I caught a cold and brought it home.

Bills, lovely christmas cards and a few presents from friends were here. Also, a call from Denver University Oncology Dept. I suppose that my reluctance to do chemo had resonated with someone as I have two appointments. One with Alternate Doctor and one with Surgeon/Chemo Doctor. I also have been offered a ride and Laurel said she would take off work, if she had to, to take me. Others, living in Denver offered their homes.

So, on January 11th we shall leave and head over the mountains, once more.

I’ve come to a point where I will do whatever is necessary to make this cancer history. I will also use ‘meditation and visualisation’ techniques to help myself and not keep predicting that I would get so sick. Mind over matter.

I’ve received the nicest note from German Professor-Dr. Koebe, (Hans-Guenter) with good wishes, encouragement and general up lifting. I wonder whether he would realize how much these notes help me? The same for his secretary, Marion. These are people I’d only met twice and I know he’s a very, very busy man and yet, he takes time out to pen a few words because he’s kind.

I really can’t help but compare Dr. ‘Giggles’ to him. And, the former falls way short. Professor Koebe tells me not to worry about ‘stuff’ and concentrate on Austria/Tirol trip in fall. To look forward eating potatoe balls and ‘Palat Schinken’ (a really good speciality) as this helps more than any medicine. His good thoughts and wishes will accompany me and to keep my fine spirit. Maybe he’ll even read this and knows that I am really grateful.

My son is in holding pattern, ready to come on a moments notice. My daughter is helping with love and support. She felt sad that she can’t be here and help as well but there are children, school, etc.

Thank you, my wonderful family and special friends. My little buddy, who always lights up a room.

Happy New Year.

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4 thoughts on “Bye, New York- Hello, Denver

  1. It was a Christmas to remember for sure! And mom..since you said you are going to beat this cancer…you will!

  2. You MY dearest Inge one of the most inspiring women I know don’t let those negative thoughts get you! I love you

  3. Inge it was wonderful to meet you in Hoboken when you arrived for Christmas after hearing so much about you. Your smile as well as your spirit is so powerful you light up the room. I’m looking forward to seeing you again in the future as well as hearing more about your family’s Christmas visit from Adam and Cameron. Happy New Year, Eileen xxo

  4. Glad you had such a nice time in NY. Positive thoughts are coming your way to beat this. 🙂

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