Green light for Green Juice

The last few weeks have been mostly uneventful. (Aside from whining silently as everyone, including myself is getting tired of the ‘same ol’ thing.’

There were also some pleasant days. When Rebecca and her friend came to visit. When we celebrated my son’s birthday. When I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my friend Peggie. When friends just dropped by…. because. And, when my granddaughter send loving messages on FB.

Then came the appointment at the Cancer Center. CT scan and CA 125, last Wednesday. I am just a little anxious as I had not had a CT scan in 7 month. Strange pains in the back, in the abdomen. But, I don’t think it would help to get appointment with doc. What would they say? Unless we could look inside, they wouldn’t know. I don’t want drugs, so, I use my stand by heating pad. (I already burned up one and my Beanie bag as well.)

Still wake up, each night out of sound sleep, due to harsh, abdominal pain. I wanted to get off the Ibuprofen but can’t quite manage without any pain med.

Meanwhile, some other exciting things have happen. I was invited to fly to Seattle to help an aquaintance manage his health problems/ weight loss, etc. They are very interested how to do this Lifstyle ‘diet’ I’ve been on. Although I have been somewhat lax with it, due to Diverticulosis. So, soon I’ll be doing just that. It will help me to restart too.

I thought, I would wait until I had the results of theses tests to decide whether I could go to Germany. I have some frequent flyer miles and wanted to know the value. I called UA and got ahold of a very nice, young man who checked and worked on a good deal. He then told me, I had enough miles for a Round trip. I was ecstatic and told him to go ahead and book. Especially, when he told me that the miles would expire in March. Lucky call. So. I decided I would go, no matter what the results were. If they were not good, I’d go because I wouldn’t know when I could go again. If they are good, I’d go anyway. So, I’m going. Running away again.

I am also lucky to have good friends and neighbors who help with house and plants and stuff.

While I am researching all the time for new options or treatments, I came across the newest Marijuana treatment. To juice the leaves. Each day drink some juice. It is purported that this would kill the cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Shrink and or destroy tumors. NO side effects. (Unlike chemo!!) One could also use the fresh leaves in a salad. One does NOT have to smoke it. Many, new options. There are many testimonials reporting this awesome success.

I’ve read in the newspaper that a lady, who is suffering from debilitating Fibromyalgia, tried marijuana pills. It stated, that she was (as are many) reluctant to try this because of the ‘stigma’ but has not had any uniterrupted sleep in years and the pain was getting worse. Well, she came back to the Dispensary the next day, in tears and ever so grateful as she had had her FIRST good night’s sleep.

It’s really unfortunate that Medicare would pay for devastating chemo, approximately $5000.00 EACH to the tune of $30,0000 for the course of treatment but not for marijuana juice that’s much cheaper and harmless.

I am starting next week. Another adventurous decision and becoming my own ‘Guinea Pig’. It sure appeals to me a LOT more than the thought of chemo and /or radiation which would destroy my colon among other vital things.  I am optimistic that it will help. I definitely will let you know. We will have plenty of P.E.T scans and CT scans and blood test to compare.

Any feed back?

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  1. Inge, you really are an inspiration and I wish you infinite healing, love and success and continued tirelessness in this battle-adventure that you are living. Know that you’ve done more, touched more, reached more and inspired more people due to this unfortunate life situation that will continue to help and inspire others to evaluate their lives, health and the things they put into their bodies. Never lose that sense of wonder and curiousity and hope that keep you floating forward. Big love, lady. Great big love.

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